For those of you who know me well, you know that I am very independent and like to move about my world by unencumbered and at will. Here in Izmir, it’s not as easy as it was in Bethlehem because here I don’t yet have a car. There may be a point in the future when we buy a car for me, but there are several factors preventing it at the moment, so I am currently ‘carless’.

There is public transportation in Izmir, which appears to be quite extensive and efficient, but as I don’t understand much Turkish at the moment and I am not too keen on the ‘Oh, I wonder where this bus will take me?’ type of adventure at this point in life, I am limited to walking, or taking the ferry, which I have conquered, with Hawkin’s help.

And so here enters the rescuing hero, in my case its technology, more specifically web-based commerce. On the suggestion of friends and pizza shop owners, I have found two websites that may save my carless sanity, at least temporarily.

One is an online restaurant delivery website Yekmek Sepeti ( where you can type in your address and they list all of the restaurants, by food type, price, proximity, etc that deliver in your area. And the delivery fee for most of them is like $2. The English speaking owner of the pizza shop around the corner told me about it when I came in one day to order lunch and had to wait 15 minutes for the fry station oil to heat up. I think he felt bad that I had to wait, but it’s always worth it. He makes the best chicken fingers I’ve ever eaten, but that’s the subject of another post.

The other is the Migros Virtual Market (, which lists what appears to be every item in their grocery store inventory, for you to choose and have delivered. Again, with a minimal delivery charge attached. They even have furniture and electronics. My long-time Izmir resident, Turkish speaking, Canadian neighbor, Jennifer, told me about this one. She has 3 kids and  Golden Retriever, so I consider her an expert on the subject of household efficiency. She showed me that they even have an iPhone app.

I will never have to leave the house again.


2 thoughts on “Carlessness

  1. sheriswack

    Sounds like you’re feeling a little America homesickness for the lack of ease of doing things over there. Isn’t there a Turkish/English app to help with the language somewhat? Persevere, you learned Japanese after plus how many 100’s or 1000’s of character variations?

    I hope it feels like it’s getting better soon. What brought your Canadian neighbor to Turkey with her family?

    I hope Mike’s new job is going OK. Hi to little Hawk. 🙂

  2. Kathleen

    I am sure that you will learn Turkish in no time flat, and only you would luck out and have an English speaking and Turkish speaking neighbor to help you navigate the unfamiliar waters in the meantime. And I envy you that delivery service. This Charles’s American is about to walk to CVS for some milk. I am buying a bike trailer and basket, though, and maybe should lose 10 pounds in the summer- at least one can dream! Love hearing about your adventures. Anna says hi.


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