Getting here and getting settled (for the time being).

We’ve been in Izmir for 5 days now and we are pretty much settled in our temporary residence.

The trip here was relatively smooth but not without minor glitches, such as too-heavy suitcases and delayed flights, not-sleepy passengers and not-so-good airplane food. All in all it, was an uneventful journey and after this many days, we all seem to be adjusted with only occasional sleeplessness at night.

Our residence is in an older building in the Alsancak area of Izmir, close to a shopping boulevard (pedestrians, no cars) which has a small supermarket, Tansas, and lots of restaurants. It is also very close to the Kordon, the walking promenade next to the harbor, which had a very nice ‘rubber road’ walking path. We are only about 10 minutes walk from the Alsancak ferry pier and Hawk and I will be taking a ferry ride around the bay one day this week.

It has been rainy (very rainy at times) over the past couple of days and Hawkin has been very creative with the furnishings here in lieu of toys. We only brought a few small ones but with sofa cushions, who needs toys, right?ImageImage


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